A Black Seed Oil Story: Holistic Healing With The Lean Gains Methodology 🔥

A Black Seed Oil Story: Holistic Healing With The Lean Gains Methodology 🔥

It all began with a business trip to a dental drug development conference in the Middle East...

I was impressed by the sheer volume of studies which had been done on this little known, massively beneficial plant known as nigella sativa. I found many ancient attributions to this healthful plant:

Here is an overview of the benefits of black seed oil. How the seeds grow, their chemical composition, how it is cold-pressed, and made into a 100% pure oil... this was quite interesting.

I tried it, and I was hooked.

It did wonders for my health during college exams and after hard workouts; I started talking about it with my close friends, keto people, and lean gainers galore!

None can show better gratitude for God’s favors than he who shares them with others.

I set out to design a product offering for people that would change their lives within a single month cycle of using the powers of black seed. Enter the Elixir:

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IG: @risingasid

Here are the reviews from our eBay launch (while I was finishing college):

Here are our most recent reviews:

I work in black seed oil into my diet every week, taking two teaspoons or so whenever I need an extra boost (especially in the morning). It has helped curb my dependence on energy drinks and excess caffeine. In the most stressful periods of college exams, it was a source of blessing to my focus and painful joints in my hands after hitting the gym. Many YouTubers report similar blessings for their overall health but also hair, skin, and even weight loss:

Used in tandem with a lean gains methodology, black seed oil is a holistic healer. It has been a game changer for my physical and mental health.

If you’re interested in knowing what black seed oil can do for you, check out a bottle of the Elixir here. ❤️

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